Story Behind the Story

Had a piece accepted by the online literary magazine: Upcoming4me. The piece is a “story behind the story” for my debut novel, How to Dispose of Dead Elephants. It explores some of the origins and inspirations behind the work. Reading it may or may not induce a Wizard of Oz effect (“just a hunched-over dude behind a curtain with a typewriter?”). Or, ideally, it may just make you intrigued enough to check out the novel for yourself…

Excerpt of the novel published in Witness

Was fortunate enough to have an excerpt of How to Dispose of Dead Elephants published in Witness for their Winter 2014 issue. The excerpt is a chapter focusing on bogeymen and the things that congregate under our beds. In particular (as far as this piece is concerned) that would be Hannibal: the man who marched 37 elephants over the Alps.


World Literature Today

Good news! How to Dispose of Dead Elephants was given a positive mention in World Literature Today (a bimonthly magazine of international literature and culture). Check out the following link below suggesting their “nota benes” summer reading list. And thanks again everyone for your incredible support along this novel (poor pun perhaps) book-launching experience.