Writing, despite the image in the popular imagination is rarely a solitary affair. One learns how to write through the help of great teachers and dependable colleagues. I know my own fiction would absolutely not exist without the help of countless mentors and writing colleagues. Because of this, I feel honored to have the opportunity to work as a writing instructor, helping others to explore the craft and develop their voice.

I am thrilled to be part of the Ellipsis community, helping students to hone their storytelling in fiction-bootcamps and one-on-one mentoring sessions. I also teach writing and composition classes at American University and Georgetown University, using themes of humor, existentialism, and “the good life” as diving boards to discuss rhetoric and communication.

Below are a few links to craft collections and resources I’ve found particularly useful/salient when discussing storytelling:

“On Story” (a fun little clip on storytelling, courtesy of George Saunders)

“Engineering Impossible Architectures” (an excerpt of a brilliant article by Karen Russell about how to navigate and craft speculative fiction)

Thrill Me (wonderful collection of craft essays by Benjamin Percy)

The Craft of Verse (audio recordings of Jorge Luis Borges as he waxes wise about everything under the literary sun, from what makes metaphors work to the art of translation)

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