The Scottish Storytelling Centre and T-Bones

I was lucky enough to visit Scotland over the summer, where I stumbled upon the following sign in Edinburgh:

Scottish Storytelling Centre

I walked inside and listened to a professional storyteller (the talented Senga Munro) weave a tale about kidnapped bairns and sophomores (“wise-fools”) like George Buchanan. I thought I was in heaven. If you have a chance to visit Edinburgh, I highly recommend visiting The Scottish Storytelling Centre” – it’s a place that explores that odd and wonderful phenomenon of listening to another person whisk you to another world.

Also, in a land far far away from Scotland, if you ever find yourself in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, I highly recommend checking out “T-Bones Records and Cafe.” Beyond having a wonderful food and music selection, they are also incredibly supportive of local authors and have an awesome regional book section:

T-Bones (book in regioinal section)

Obviously, being squeezed in between Faulkner and Barry Hannah is crazy, but I’m not complaining! Anyways, give them a visit if you’re ever in town.

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